Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Craig Latta

I'm a composer, of jazz, hard rock, classical, and noise audio works, and a satirist in various media. I'm also an avid guitarist, traps and African drummer, digital photographer, sound recordist, graphic artist, computer scientist (day gig alert!), and collector of titles. I'm synaesthetic.

  I like to work with interesting sound sources and visuals, object systems, and communication networks. I'm writing vocal jazz works and improvised group works for various settings. 

  A while back I started NetJam, a musical collaboration network for the Internet. It's groovy-- or rather, it could be. It's one of those pet projects that hasn't been fed for some time... please bug me about it. :)


Title Day Room Track Start End
Annual Squeak Shoutout Saturday K.4.401 Smalltalk 13:00 13:30
A Spoonful of Raspberry Pi Saturday K.4.401 Smalltalk 16:00 16:30