Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


HPC Node Performance and Power Simulation with Sniper

Sniper is a performance modeling simulator. The goal of Sniper is to provide software developers with an easy way to analyze their applications. We provide both performance and energy/power analysis, as well as advanced visualization support.

This talk will cover the basics of how to download Sniper and get started quickly, but more importantly show the benefits that simulating your application can provide. With per-function, detailed simulation analysis, CPI stacks over time and energy stacks, software developers that would like to optimize their applications can now do so quite easily and with more insight compared to using performance counter metrics typically available on machines today.

  • Downloading Sniper
  • Using Sniper
  • Visualization and Power Overview

The intended audience is both HPC and scientific software developers, but is also applicable to software optimization in general.


Trevor Carlson