FOSDEM is the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.



Devroom assignment still in the make

This is just a short notice that we are still working on the devroom assignment for FOSDEM 2011.

We received 36 valid proposals, but have only 24 'devroom days' to distribute over the weekend (not counting the distribution miniconf).
Many proposals are also true collaborative proposals, making the decision even harder.

Please bear with us for one or two more days, while we finalize the devroom allocation.

Call for devrooms closing

We would like to inform all interested parties that the call for devrooms is running at its end.

Coming Saturday, 16 October at 23.59 the call for devrooms closes.

Until then, proposals for organizing a devroom can be submitted on We welcome, and will favor, proposals involving multiple, collaborating projects.

Acceptance notification will be sent out and announced here around the 23th of October.

The FOSDEM staff.

Call for Main Speakers and Devrooms

FOSDEM, the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the open source community, is taking place in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 February 2011. Apart from having many invited speakers, the conference offers developer rooms, stands and lightning talks to projects from the Free and Open source community. This results in a staggering number of 250+ lectures!

We hereby invite ideas and proposals for main speakers, and proposals for developer rooms. The call for stands and lightning talks will be done after announcing the accepted devrooms.

Details and dates below.

Distribution Miniconf

Last year we organized a Distribution Miniconf for the first time, and we are eager to do it again this year and improve the concept.

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At FOSDEM we care strongly about open source projects small and large. FOSDEM was created as a meeting place where developers from different projects and with different backgrounds can come together and share ideas, discuss, etc.
The devrooms have always been premier place for this. However, in recent years we have reached the limit of our capacity, with more than double proposals over rooms available. Distributions have always had a strong presence at FOSDEM, however, we were faced with having to choose some distributions over others.

Holding the distro miniconf provides a way to better achieve our goals in two ways:
- by organizing a mini conference where all distributions can participate in, we foster collaboration and cross pollination,
- additionally, some rooms become available for use by other projects, thereby diversifying the audience and topics at FOSDEM.

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