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Federico Di Gregorio

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
The Web Objects Kitchen Mono devroom Saturday AW1.120 14:30 00:25

fog (that's me) graduates in physics in 1996 and then dedicates some years to biophysics slowly shifting toward computer science and programming. Or he discovers Debian (again in 1996) and becomes a DD in 1997. Or he leaves Perl for Python (again in 1996!) and some years later releases the most used Python-PostgreSQL driver. Or does some programyming part-time work (guess what? starting from 1996) and after some years found the first italian company to have the term "free software" in its charter. Nowdays you can meet him (that's me) teaching programming, selling cocktails to gather found for some free software project or trying to convince its friends that C# is an extremely Pythonic language...