FOSDEM '10 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.


Bring your partner

UPDATE 31/01/2010: Sorry, the maximum number of people has been reached.
The register form is now disabled. We will ask the registered participants to confirm (you'll receive a mail)

Artwork for 2010

The artwork for FOSDEM 2010 is now available. Please use those banners, web badges and flyers to promote the event.

Devrooms, Stands and notifications

We had a record number of devroom requests this year. In total 39 projects applied for a devroom, distro's not included. We only have 12 rooms per day, or 24 devroom-days to offer, so we had to reject many proposals. On the other hand, 12 rooms per day + 2 crossdistro rooms + 1 lightning talk room + 2 main track auditoria are bound to offer a very interesting and diverse schedule !

List of devrooms at FOSDEM 2010

This is a list of all the devrooms that will be organized at FOSDEM 2010.

Devrooms are organized by the respective project(s) themselves. Where available, we give a link to each devroom's call for talks and its deadline. We encourage any project that shares the same interests as a devroom, to submit a talk proposal there.

Call For Lightning Talks

Deadline reached, no submissions are accepted anymore.

Lightning Talks are your chance for 15 minutes of fame: every free or open source project can apply for giving a lightning talk at FOSDEM.
Our goal is to offer all the projects that do not fit in a specific main track or devroom the opportunity to speak. During exactly 15 minutes, one person gets to present the project or any aspect of it. All the lightning talks happen in a large room that can host up to 300 people.

Distribution Miniconf

The next installment of FOSDEM is 6 + 7 February 2010, and it's also our 10th edition.

As such, we've been reflecting on the evolution of the event (in the sense that our mission and what it has become is rather a platform for FOSS projects, much more than just a conference, or at least that's what we'd like FOSDEM to become), and we are introducing a change regarding Developer Rooms for distribution projects.

We are going to push the envelope of our mission even further by organizing something along the lines of a "distribution summit" during FOSDEM 2010.

The idea is that rather than having several distributions with their own respective and individual Developer Room, we will host mixed conference rooms where talks and sessions will be organized by topic, with contributors from all distributions attending and participating.

Call For Main Tracks

Deadline reached, no submissions are accepted anymore.

The goal of the main tracks is to host high-quality seminars for a broad and technical audience. Every track is organized around a theme (security, kernel, collaboration, ...) and contains 3 seminars. The main tracks are held in the two biggest rooms, giving a seat to 550 and 1400 visitors.

You can propose a main track talk by filling out the form below. Using all received submissions, we will select the main track themes and accompanying talks.

Call For Developer Rooms

Deadline reached, no submissions are accepted anymore.

A devroom is a room in which projects can organize their own schedule made of presentations, brainstorming and hacking sessions. Our goal is to stimulate developer collaboration and cross-pollination between projects, and as such we strongly favor projects with similar goals and domains to host a devroom together.

Call For Participation

FOSDEM, the most developer-oriented Free and Opensource conference in Europe, is taking place in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 February 2010. Apart from having many invited speakers, the conference offers developer rooms, stands and lightning talks to projects from the Free and Opensource community. This results in a staggering number of 250+ lectures!

We hereby welcome proposals from speakers and projects to talk in a main track, man a stand, organize a devroom, participate in the distribution miniconf or hold a lightning talk.

Reminder: Deadline Sunday 22-11-2009 for the main track talk, stand and devroom requests !

Call For Stands

Deadline reached, no submissions are accepted anymore.

We offer stands in the hallways to projects that want to present themselves to the visitors in a more personal fashion. Stands can be used to share information, demo software, sell merchandising, give away goodies and so forth.

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