FOSDEM '10 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.


Call For Lightning Talks

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Lightning Talks are your chance for 15 minutes of fame: every free or open source project can apply for giving a lightning talk at FOSDEM.
Our goal is to offer all the projects that do not fit in a specific main track or devroom the opportunity to speak. During exactly 15 minutes, one person gets to present the project or any aspect of it. All the lightning talks happen in a large room that can host up to 300 people.

Before applying, note that:

  • Only existing open source projects will be considered,
  • If the proposed talk would better fit a devroom, we will forward your request to them,
  • Projects that do not participate in the current or previous FOSDEM edition will be favored over other ones.

The lightning talks will follow the following procedure:

  • In order to guarantee a smooth speaker switch, the speaker should attend the talk before his,
  • A fixed computer will be used for all presentations: speakers have to send in their presentation one week in advance,
  • There will be a notorious clock that indicates the time the speaker has left. When it rings after exactly 15 minutes, the speaker has one last sentence to finish up...

If you are interested in doing a Lightning Talk at FOSDEM 2010, submit the form below !

Key Dates:
2009-12-25: Deadline for lightning talk requests (Extended, was 20 dec)
2009-12-28: Acceptance notification of lightning talks (optimistic because of extention)
2009-01-10: Final schedule announcement
2010-02-06 to 2009-02-07: FOSDEM 2010

For more information about lightningtalks, contact:
The lightning talks schedule information will be published on the FOSDEM website, including all the information you provide (except email).

Lightning talk request form