Schedule: GNU Classpath Runtime Rumble

Robert Lougher
Ian Rogers
Christian Thalinger
Tom Tromey
Dalibor Topic
Day Saturday
Room H.2213
Start time 14:15
End time 15:45
Duration 01:30
Event type Podium
Track GNU Classpath + OpenJDK DevJam
Language English
Slides (Powerpoint)
GNU Classpath Runtime Rumble

Heavyweight champions of various GNU Classpath based virtual machines will each give a short presentation on what makes their runtime special and fun to work with.

  • What cool things they have been doing this last year.
  • Their plans for next year.
  • What other runtimes can learn from their experiences.
  • And how the GNU Classpath community at large (and OpenJDK in the future) can help with that.