2006 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting

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[ 26-04-2006 ]
Interview with Richard Stallman

At this website you will find an interview with Richard Stallman, made at Fosdem.
In this interview we talk with Richard Stallman, the keynote speaker at Fosdem 2006. Richard Stallman is the founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU project.
We talk briefly about the drafting process of the upcoming version of the GNU GPL (reports of GPL-v3 related events). Then Richard talks about a whole range of issues that are very much relevant to free and open source software and user freedom in general, namely Digital Rights/Restrictions Management, CRAP, software patents, and HDTV. Video
News Fosdem

[ 21-02-2006 ]
The Last Interviews

We have published the last interviews of this edition. You can find 4 more interviews about the following projects:

  • Ubuntu by Jeff Waugh

  • ClamAV by Tomasz Kojm

  • Dojo Toolkit by Alex Russell

  • Asterisk by Mark Spencer<
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    [ 06-02-2006 ]
    3 Interviews and 2 New Speakers

    We have published 3 new interviews on our website.

  • OpenOffice by Michael Meeks

  • Beagle by Jon Trowbridge

  • SER by Jan Janak

    We also have 2 new speakers added to our FOSDEM schedule:

  • Jon Haslam who will talk about the DTrace Project.

  • Uriel M.Pereira who will present Plan9.
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    [ 26-01-2006 ]
    2 Interviews and 3 New Speakers

    We have interviewed 2 speakers and put their interview online.

  • Ian Pratt about Xen

  • Massimiliano Pala about the OpenCA project

    We also have 3 new speakers giving a talk at Fosdem.

  • Julian Seward, Founder and Project Lead of Valgrind.

  • Thomas Lord, the GNU Arch Founder.

  • Geert Bevin, Lead Developer of RIFE.

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    [ 21-01-2006 ]
    The Keynote Speech by Peter Saint-Andre

    This year, the Keynote speech will be given by Peter Saint-Andre, Executive Director of the Jabber Software Foundation.

    His talk will focus on Real-Time Communications with Jabber/XMPP.

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