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2004 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting

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[ 21-02-2004 ]
Last security session

As Tom Kistner can't come, we will have another talk about security : this talk will be held by Mark Wielaard, Sasha Brauer or Chris Gray and it will be about "Free Java & Security"
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[ 20-02-2004 ]
Bad news ...

Due to personal reasons, Tom Kistner won't be able to attend FOSDEM. So there will be no anti-spam technics talk.
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[ 17-02-2004 ]
Mozilla news

Just a small news to tell you that Mozilla Europe started officially today and that they are going to introduce themselves to the public during the FOSDEM, in the Mozilla developer's room and the booth in front of it.

Tristan Nitot is going to give a talk on Mozilla Europe on saturday and they'll be discussing quite a bit about Mozilla Europe and the Mozilla Foundation, which will be presented by Gervase Markham, later that day.

Mozilla Europe is the first international affiliate of the Mozilla Foundation.

You can also have a look at their press release.

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[ 16-02-2004 ]
Latest news ...

In a few days (well the end of the week), the FOSDEM will be !
Before that, you can discover our 3 latest interviews :
  • Gunnar Schmi Dt is talking about accessibility
  • Ian Formanek presents NetBeans
  • Tim O'Reilly has a long interview about software, books, freedom, ...

    So, don't forget FOSDEM is in 5 days, taking place at ULB Solbosch (thus the same location as the 2 previous editions), is a free event (as a free beer : not entrance fee !) and is provided to you by a team of volunteers who are not paid (and don't want to be). That's a way of telling the donations are always welcomed.
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    [ 11-02-2004 ]
    FOSDEM Saturday Night Fever

    FOSDEM is in a bit more than 1 week !

    This year, something totally new is organised for the FOSDEM Folks: a Saturday Night Fever Party. The party will take place at the Ecuyer, 3 Rue de l'ECUYER. The entry is free and we will be pleased to see you there. The place can accept up to 300 FOSDEM participants. 10% of the revenue generated by the bar will go back to the FOSDEM Organisation. The Bar is located near the place de la Monnaire and not far from the Hotel where the speakers will stay during the week-end. The party will start at 23 PM but you can come earlier.

    During the FOSDEM a team will distribute Flyers with the address of the location.

    Furtheremore on the Friday night you are also welcome to have a drink at the bar.

    The Ecuyer's Team hope to see you at the FOSDEM Saturday Night Fever that will take place on the 21 February 2004.

    Remember it is also your donation that is making FOSDEM possible and that nobody in the organisation is paid, all organisators are working as volunteers.

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