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Latest news:

 OpenMosix developers' room

Thxn! [ 23-02-2004 ]

We would like to thank everybody who visited the openMosix Summit yesterday.

Please watch the openMosix website for Pictures, Presentations and Video Recordings.
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 Java developers' room

Free Java DevRoom Schedule online! [ 21-02-2004 ]

The official schedule is online!
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 Mozilla developers' room

Mozilla Europe officially organizes the Mozilla Developers room [ 17-02-2004 ]

Mozilla Europe went public today and announced their presence at FOSDEM. Axel Hecht will be organizing the Mozilla developer's room on behalf of Mozilla Europe. Please drop him a note if you plan to come, axel at pike dot org.

See the corresponding press release.
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 Tcl developers' room

Tcl/Tk at FOSDEM 2004 [ 16-02-2004 ]

Tcl/Tk Developer's Room at FOSDEM 2004 - Friday Feeding Frenzy, Final Schedule
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 Embedded softwares room

Program Embedded at Fosdem 2004 [ 16-02-2004 ]

Program available for 2004
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 OpenMosix developers' room

Schedule Available [ 15-02-2004 ]

the openMosix Summit 2004, will organise it's conferences on sunday afternoon in
the Janson auditorium

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