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News [ 12-02-2004 ]
Welcome to the Free Java developers' room

Here you will find information who from the various Free Java teams (GNU Classpath, kaffe, gcj, sablevm, ikvm, jaos and wonka) will attend FOSDEM 2004.

People from the following projects have said they want to attend Fosdem 2004.
  • GNU Classpath: Sascha Brawer, Michael Koch, Mark Wielaard
  • gcj: Tom Tromey, Andrew Haley
  • Kaffe: Jim Pick, Dalibor Topic, Stephane Meslin-Weber
  • Debian: Arnaud Vandyck
  • SableVM: Grzegorz Prokopski
  • Wonka: Chris Gray
  • Jaos: Patrik Reali
  • IKVM: Jeroen Frijters
Also starring: Dries Buytaert, Ingo Prötel, Daniel Veillard, ...

News [ 21-02-2004 ]
Free Java DevRoom Schedule online!

The official schedule is online!

Check for all the abstracts.

The short summary is:

Saterday afternoon

- 14h00 -> 14h50

GNU Classpath -- Core Classes for a Diversity of Free Java Virtual
Machines (GNU Classpath overview and free applications/runtimes show.)
by Sascha Brawer and Mark Wielaard

- 15h00 -> 15h50

SableVM - the Apache of Java Virtual Machines
(On technical solutions and motivation behind the SableVM Project.)
by Grzegorz B. Prokopski

- 16h00 -> 16h50

fbAWT - Direct to your buffer
(Slim Abstract Window Toolkit implementation written in java that
doesn't use any peer widget library, but has direct access to
either a linux framebuffer or a VNC server backend.)
by Stephane Meslin-Weber

Sunday morning (Debian talks)

10:00-10:30 Fabio Massimo Di Nito: Packaging Apache for Debian
10:30-11:00 Martin Michlmayr: Dak, the Debian Archive Kit
11:00-12:00 Wouter Verhelst: A practical guide to using buildd

Also Sunday morning - Official java/X & Co. tracks on JOnAS, GCJ and NetBeans
- see

Sunday afternoon

- 14h00 -> 15h50

Packaging Free Java Applications For Free Operating Systems
(Comparing different packaging projects like Debian,
Gentoo, RHUG/Naoko and JPackage, and .deb best practises.)
See also the Wiki:
by Dalibor Topic and Arnaud Vandyck

- 15h00 -> 17h00

Open discussions/Free slots/Combined talks?
- GNU Classpath 1.0 Roadmap
- Free VM/Compiler integration/cooperation
- Standardization and compatibility issues

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