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News Fosdem

[ 31-01-2003 ]
The FOSDEM contest

Some weeks ago, we started a desktop background image contest. The rules are really simple : people can create a cool FOSDEM oriented picture ! Submitting an image is very easy : go and read our contest information on how to do that.

The FOSDEM registered users can vote for the background of their choice. They can even change their vote when they want ... so make a visit of our gallery to vote or change your vote.

News Fosdem

[ 29-01-2003 ]
This week's interviews

This week, we have the following interviews availalble :
  • Jon 'Maddog' Hall about Linux,
  • Own Taylor about GTK+,
  • Havoc Pennington about Free Standards.

    News Fosdem

    [ 27-01-2003 ]
    Key signing party

    Check out here to know what to do to come at the key signing event organised by the AEL.
    This will take place in the introduction speaches room (Janson), sunday from 12h00 to 14h00
    News Fosdem

    [ 20-01-2003 ]
    New interviews

    Check the interview section and discover our new interviews :
  • Gcompris
  • DrGenius
  • Debian-Edu
  • and a common interview
    News Fosdem

    [ 16-01-2003 ]
    Schedule is available

    Our schedule is available in the schedule section ... some change still may occurs, but it should remain 'stable' untill FOSDEM.

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  •   Special announcement

    FOSDEM 2003
    will take place
    on February 8 - 9 2003
    in Brussels...

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