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News Fosdem

[ 06-02-2003 ]
Open Sessions

As you noticed on our schedule, there are some open sessions taking place during the FOSDEM. You can have more information on the FIT page, as there are some changes ...
News Fosdem

[ 04-02-2003 ]
Wireless Connectivity at Fosdem

The infrastructure in place will be based on OpenAccessPoints ( with roaming capabilities.

SlottedWaveGuides antennas will provide good signal in nearly each room. Do not forget to take your wireless card with you and to install a dhcp client.

If you need help about wireless connectivity during the event, Benjamin Henrion will be at the Infodesk to help you.

News Fosdem

[ 04-02-2003 ]
The latest interviews

The interviews are available in our interviews section. This week, you have the opportunity to read :
  • Harald Welte about netfilter/iptables
  • Solar Designer about Openwall GNU/*/Linux
  • Yoann Vandoorselaere about Prelude IDS
  • Thomas Vander Stichele about GStreamer
  • Damien Sandras about GnomeMeeting.

    As previously said in other news, do not forget to check the following sections :
  • practical for information about Brussels, bus, train, ...
  • schedule to know the place to be at the right moment
  • support to help us keeping the event free, as a free beer ;-)

    Latest point : if you want to bring a laptop with you, don't forget to take a loooonnng ethernet cable or a wireless card, and all the mandatory power cords.
    News Fosdem

    [ 03-02-2003 ]
    Embedded & Kernel Development Room

    Schedule is now available: go and check the presentation page of this developers room!

    News Fosdem

    [ 01-02-2003 ]
    FOSDEM in the News

    With our weekly interviews, lots of sites relayed the news, like :
  • OSNews
  • LinuxFR
  • TooLinux
  • UnixTech
  • Linux Weekly News
  • GnomeDesktop
  • LinuxToday

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    FOSDEM 2003
    will take place
    on February 8 - 9 2003
    in Brussels...

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