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2003/01/20 - Raphael Hertzog


An interview conducted by Alain Buret
Alain Buret - First and traditionnal question : please present yourself

Raphael Hertzog - I'm an engineer in computer science. But in the free time I'm more a 23 year old Debian developer ...

Alain Buret - What is your "Debian history" ?

Raphael Hertzog - That's too much to explain in a single paragraph. :-) Apart from maintaining several packages (including debian-cd where I'm the main author) I have done several projects which relates to the internal organization of Debian. I invented the sponsor mechanism, the package tracking system, and I'm regularly involved in quality assurance tasks. This year I even participated to the election of the Debian leader.
At this occasion, I wrote a more detailed text describing my Debian history :

Alain Buret - How did Debian-Edu start ?

Raphael Hertzog - It started within Logidée. We were in contact with a group called Linux & Pédagogie which listed good free software available for educational use. They needed a distribution that could be easily installable by any student or teacher. We decided to contribute that work by developing the initial (french-only) Debian-Education.
Later we decided to change that in a Debian subproject to give it a wider audience and to ease to cooperation with other contributors.

Alain Buret - Education is something with no clear limits : who is the target audience for Debian-Edu ?

Raphael Hertzog - Debian's motto is "The universal operating system". DebianEdu is in the same path ... basically anyone who needs education-related software since our primary job is to package education-related software.

Raphael Hertzog - However some contributors are interested in solution to ease the administration of network of machines in schools ... and we'll happily accept their contribution of course.

Alain Buret - Last question : what do you expect of your FOSDEM presentation ?

Raphael Hertzog - I hope to make DebianEdu better known, to attract more contributors and to create relationship with other projects interested in free software and education.


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