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How to promote us ...

Here after you will find some FOSDEM ads ... feel free to use them to promote the event.

You will find here flyers to print and banners to add to your personal site in order to reference FOSDEM. Feel free to use them and send us a mail so we can talk about as well!

Flyers for you to print:

  • Big flyer: A one page flyer

  • Double flyers: 2 flyers per page

  • Banners for your site:

    This banner has been made by Benjamin Jorand, a FOSDEM site visitor's:
    A banner made by Benjamin Jorand
    A nice one, from Argon7:
    The first FOSDEM 2003 banner
    Another nice one from Argon7... in vertical:
    vertical banner 1
    ... or will you choose the gray one ??? (still Argon7 made):
    vertical banner 2

    They promote Fosdem:

  • A-A-P: The super-packaging system's homepage shows our banner. Its project leader, also author of Vim, will be present af FOSDEM 2003.

  • GnomeMeeting: The ultimate video-conferencing solution

  • Gothic: The Belgian Gothic community has our banner

  • Knudde.Be: A reader's site

  • Linux Charleroi: THe Charleroi Linux team

  • Linux MONS: A belgian LUG

  • Linux Usergroup West-Vlaanderen: This belgian LUG displays our banner

  • LinuxDebutant: This french linux help site is randomly displaying our banner

  • Louvain-Li-nux: The Louvain-la-neuve (Belgium) Linux user group has our banner on its site.

  • Mozilla: The Mozilla developers website has our banner ! And they will be at the FOSDEM !

  • Namur LUG: The Namur Linux User Group

  • Openstuff: Low-cost stuffs for european geeks

  • OSNews.Com: The news site will display our banner.

  • phpFrance: A french PHP site

  • PROSLinux is a FRENCH OpenSource based News site wich bring you real New News.

  • UnixTech: The Belgian Linux portal has our banner on rotation

  • Zeus: This academic belgian site has our banner

  •   Special announcement

    FOSDEM 2003
    will take place
    on February 8 - 9 2003
    in Brussels...

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