Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Kim Brose

Photo of Kim Brose enthusiast hosting my community since 2017. Developing FOSS in my free time and as Software Engineer at Nordeck IT + Consulting.

Author of matrix-webhook-receiver.

Contributor to Element, Hookshot, Matrix-Docker-Ansible-Deploy, simplematrixbotlib, matrix-reminder-bot, and more.

Maintainer of ttm on the AUR.

If you want to talk about Matrix, I have a bunch of experience in the excosystem and its software, including maubot, nextcloud as media repo, building simple "cronjob" bots in Python or bash with apprise, maunium sticker picker and how to create gif stickers, matrixdailycalendar (CalDAV), UnifiedPush, SchildiChat Android.

I'm also interested in many other topics, like IoT, Open Hardware (e.g. pine64), FOSS-ified Android, self hosting & homelab, and more.



Title Day Room Track Start End
AMENDMENT Widgets in the "Sovereign Workplace" for the German public sector Sunday K.3.401 Matrix 11:05 11:45