Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Fraser Tweedale

Photo of Fraser Tweedale

Fraser lives in sunny Brisbane, Australia. He works on identity management and PKI solutions at Red Hat. He's passionate about functional programming, security and enjoys playing with those little plastic bricks from Denmark.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Send in the chown()s
systemd containers in user namespaces
Saturday UB2.252A (Lameere) Containers 10:55 11:25
Kerberos PKINIT: what, why, and how (to break it) Saturday UA2.118 (Henriot) Security 13:00 13:25
Welcome to the Haskell devroom Sunday H.1309 (Van Rijn) Haskell 13:10 13:15
The Haskell Security Advisory Database
Status and next steps
Sunday H.1309 (Van Rijn) Haskell 15:10 15:15
Acknowledgements, *prize draw* and farewell Sunday H.1309 (Van Rijn) Haskell 16:55 17:00