The Moose Software Analysis Platform

Moose is a free and open source platform for software and data analysis built in Pharo. ​​​​​The philosophy of Moose is to enable the analyst to produce new dedicated analysis tools, and to customize the flow of analysis. While Moose is mainly used in software analysis, it is built to work for any data.

To achieve this it offers multiple mechanisms and frameworks such as:

  1. Importing and meta-meta-modeling is achieved through a generic meta-described engine. Any meta-model is described in terms of a self-described meta-meta-model, and based on this description, the import/export is provided through the MSE file format. Through this file format, Moose can exchange data with external tools.
  2. For parsing, Moose provides a novel framework that makes use of several parsing technologies (like parsing expression grammar) and that provides a fluent interface for easy construction.
  3. Visualization is supported through two different engines: one for expressing graph visualizations, and one for expressing charts. They both provide a fluent interface for easy construction.

Git repository:

Documentation: MooseWiki


​​​​ COM+ And Microsoft Access project Analysis

Microsoft Access is a really popular privative RAD Language. In the following video we present progress on the work of Microsoft Access project analysis, to unlock the migration from Microsoft Access to open source technologies! We love open source that much :).