Robotics, AI and Math

##ROS + Pharo!

Pharo is a really powerful live-programming environment. There are many many possible usages of such a language, but probably one of the most excitings is on robotics. A live environment, managing a complex live process network controlling one or many robots.

Much work has been done specially by the CAR (ARTS) Team.

CAR Team @ GitHub CAR Team @ IMT Lille Douai

Some of this work is available to see on videos


Pharo+ROS Differential drive robot guides visitors in an office building


Pharo+ROS Differential drive robot guides costumer in an hypothetical shopping


And some of it has been also pursuited in Inria Lille. Non-A (team now known as Valse )

Software produced


I still remembering our first presentation. It was in FOSDEM 14 :)



Artifitial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Tensor Flow is great solution for Artifitial intelligence. Pharo community values this open source contribution and because of that we propose bindings to Tensor Flow! TensorFlow+Pharo@Github

Keras Is also great way to interact with machine learning solutions. And we do also provide bindings to it! Keras+Pharo@Github



PolyMath is a Pharo project, similar to existing scientific libraries like NumPy, SciPy for Python or SciRuby for Ruby. PolyMath already provides the following basic functionalities:

  • complex and quaternions extensions,
  • random number generators,
  • fuzzy algorithms,
  • automatic differentiation,
  • KDE-trees,
  • Numerical methods,
  • Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) solvers.

The authoritative book on PolyMath is available Software produced

Here a wonderful video on Data Analysis for Pharo with PolyMath!