Learning and Contributing to Pharo

Learning: Pharo Mooc

If you’re interested in learning Pharo, you can check out the Pharo Mooc (a set of videos, exercises, challenges, and miniprojects). The Pharo Mooc is fully dubbed in french and english. It comes with community supported subtitles in Japanese, english, french and spanish.

Check out http://mooc.pharo.org/

Learning: Books

Pharo counts with lots of books available for free in PDF, many of them licensed as Creative Commons. The available books cover the basics of the language, advanced libraries and frameworks, and teaching material for many university courses. You can read, and contribute your comments!

Check out http://books.pharo.org/


In this video we show you how to get to commit some code and propose a pull request for the Pharo language. All the contribution lifecycle is managed within the Pharo IDE, by using Iceberg :)

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