Welcome to the OpenTAP stand!

We are OpenTAP™. A growing community of test developers dedicated to effortless automation.


Welcome to the OpenTAP stand


Our Mission

A test automation solution built on simplicity, scalability, and speed that improves the world.

Our Vision

To make automation easier and accessible for all. We love to experiment and innovate, and we invite you to do the same with OpenTAP™. Working together, we will inspire and teach one another better ways to automate.

At the core

The core of OpenTAP™ is an open-source test sequencer, and our community is continuously adding plugins and solutions that support faster development, execution and optimization of test software that excels—now, and next time. OpenTAP™ use spans from R&D test automation (e.g., a baseband IC, an RF IC) to large manufacturing line of electronic devices (from simple components to fully build systems).

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Watch and Learn!

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What is OpenTAP?

Architecture and goals of the OpenTAP framework

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Why open source for Test Automation?

Reason behind choosing open source for Test Automation


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How does OpenTAP empower experts?

Listen to how OpenTAP can be used to reduce automation effort

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Robotic Arm Control using OpenTAP

How we used OpenTAP to automate robotic arm control


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Python Plugin Integration

Learn how you can use python to write powerful plugins

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Telemetry, Dashboards and Insights

Learn how we are improving our community and adoption


Get Involved!

Join our community forum

We have launched a brand new forum for the growing community of OpenTAP developers to interact by asking questions, share news and findings, posting ideas and being part of the community!

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New Releases and Plugins

We are continuously adding plugins and solutions that support faster development, execution and optimization of test software.

Latest Release

Our latest release of OpenTAP is v9.12 released in Jan 2021.


Python Plugin

Python is a very popular programming language in the test and automation space. The Python Plugin makes it possible to use Python and OpenTAP together, allowing you to write fully functioning plugins using Python.

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OpenTAP TUI (Textual User Interface)

The OpenTAP TUI is a textual based user interface that can be used from a terminal. It gives you a graphical way to create OpenTAP test plans and install OpenTAP packages. It supports running in almost every terminal including in Docker containers!

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Welcome to the OpenTAP stand