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Project Overview


Sometimes vendors forget: the real point of a software tool is to enhance our abilities.

The Open Test Automation Project (OpenTAP), is a growing community of test engineers dedicated to the idea of effortless automation.

The core of OpenTAP is an open-source test sequencer, and the community is continuously adding plugins and solutions that support faster development, new functionality and optimization of software that excel snow , and next time.

We invite you to join us as we contribute, collaborate and create—together.

Transform automation in test and measurement

OpenTAP is a scalable architecturethat enhances and boostsautomation creation within the test and measurement (T&M) ecosystem. The platform embodies three core ideals:

  • simplicity
  • scalability
  • speed


Develop new automation solutions—effortlessly

  • Get started quickly with seamless installation, useful examples, and a community that has your back
  • Build on your existing skills to develop your solutions, no new language to learn
  • Start with a proven foundation of automation capability, using only what you need and nothing you don’t


Create adaptable plugins that solve unique requirements today and tomorrow

  • Extend your ideas, methodsand solutions with a modern,modular software architecture
  • Encapsulate your IP as pluginsand build new, innovative solutions through re-use, not re-invention
  • Benefit from worldwide collaboration that makes test automation better for all


Accelerate the development, execution and optimization of test software

  • Save years of development time with the programmable sequencing engine and an extensible plugin architecture
  • Leverage community resources, peripheral toolsand core capabilities that help you focus where you need to
  • Trust intheperformance of OpenTAP: Optimized for manufacturing, yet robust enoughfor use in R&D and validation

Tap into a vibrant and collaborative community

The OpenTAP community is a place for developers to inspire each other through shared perspectives, ideas, examples and code. As a member of the OpenTAP community, you’re free to contribute, enhance, modify, and use all code, integrations and solutions. Whether you choose to engage as a user, a contributor,or both, the community will welcome you with open arms

Embark on revolutionary change with a proven architecture

Transforming test automation starts with OpenTAP’s simple and extensible plugin architecture. It’s already proven its value in hundreds of products and applications, providing a foundation for fast, flexible automation solutions in R&D, design verification test (DVT) and manufacturing.The key elements are a programmable sequencing engine, a user interface, instrument drivers, custom device under test (DUT) drivers, and results listeners.

Transform your team’s efficiency

Our open-core approach promises to go beyond the typical disjointed, resource-intensive in-house efforts that consume valuable resources—budget, support, and maintenance. Building automationsolutions on OpenT.AP fosters innovative gains in test efficiency and optimization, ultimately reducing your cost-of-test.

Deliver better business results

The OpenTest Automation Project aims to help your organization achieve new economies of scale and faster time-to-market for product creation. By opening core aspects of test automation, OpenTAP enables developers to meet their toughest goals in demanding technologies such as 5G, automotive,and beyond.

Get involved: OpenTAP is what you make it

Engage with the OpenTAP community at opentap.io, at GitLab.com/OpenTAP, through social media,and during gatherings held around the world. It’s all about contributing, collaborating and creating—together!

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