Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Valerii Kravchuk

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Valerii Kravchuk helps MySQL and MariaDB users and DBAs to solve their problems since 2005. Worked in MySQL AB, Sun, Oracle, Percona and, since 2016, in MariaDB Corporation. MySQL Community Contributor of the year 2019.


Title Day Room Track Start End
MariaDB Server on macOS
Does it make sense to even try?
Saturday D.mariadb MariaDB Server 11:10 11:35
More on bpftrace for MariaDB DBAs and Developers
Summary of recent experience
Saturday D.mariadb MariaDB Server 16:40 17:05
Flame Graphs for MySQL DBAs
Yet another way to visualize performance data
Sunday D.mysql MySQL 10:00 10:25