Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


John Boy

Photo of John Boy

John D. Boy is a tenured assistant professor of sociology at Leiden University in The Netherlands, where he directs the d12n Research Cluster. He is the author with Justus Uitermark of a forthcoming Oxford University Press book about Instagram, the self, and the city. He also develops and maintains the textnets package for Python and contributes to various other free and open source software projects.

You can find most of John's writings via his website. He is also on the fediverse (, and he goes by jboy on Twitter, IRC and a few other places as well.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Free Software Development as Observant Participation
Developing textnets, Studying Digital Cultures
Saturday D.research Open Research Tools and Technologies 10:40 11:00
Academics developing software testimonies panel Saturday D.research Open Research Tools and Technologies 11:00 11:20