Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Call for Volunteers

With this year’s virtual edition of FOSDEM fast approaching, we look forward to inviting you to volunteer to help support the running of the event.

The twenty-first edition will take place Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th February 2021, online. We will be running a variety of streams including Developer Rooms, Stands, Main Tracks and Lightning Talks.

Because we are sadly unable to meet in person at the ULB in Brussels, a lot of our usual tasks will be superfluous - don’t worry, we won’t send you to an attendee’s house to help clean up a spilled drink! There will also not be a build-up or tear-down, as much of this has been automated with bots and scripts.

However, being in a new conference environment (thanks to the amazing support from the folk over at our virtual InfoDesk will be super important, helping answer all the questions that attendees may have, and providing some basic technical support to anyone who may need it.

This year, we also are renaming the Heralding task to *Hosting*. Our hosts will be key to supporting the speakers during their Q&A sessions, keeping all aspects around that talk running smoothly, and (on the off chance of there being any issues) raising these with a member of FOSDEM staff.

So, do you feel up to the task of helping the machine that is FOSDEM run this special online edition? Great! That’s the spirit – you can go and sign up here. Need some more info? Go and check out our volunteer FAQ page.

Don’t forget to come and say ‘Hi’ over on our mailing list or join us on Matrix or IRC.