Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Michiel Leenaars

Photo of Michiel Leenaars

The speaker description is potentially outdated as it is from a previous FOSDEM edition.

Michiel Leenaars is Director of Strategy at NLnet Foundation. and director of Internet Society Netherlands, one of the more sizable Internet Society chapters in the world. He is also a W3C liason officer for the Benelux Office of the World Wide Web Consortium.

Michiel Leenaars is active in a number of national and international organisations, such as OpenDoc Society (vice-chair), SIDN Fund (Board of Advisors), (Board of Supervisors), Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland, foundation (treasurer). He is a member of the Netherlands committee for the UNESCO Information for All Programma and is the chairperson of The Commons Conservancy. He has been involved with the Next Generation Internet initiative of the European Commission since March 2016.



Title Day Room Track Start End
NGI Meetup
Meetup for Next Generation Internet
Sunday H.3242 BOFs (Track B - in H.3242) 15:30 17:00
NGI Zero: A treasure trove of tech awesome
Sampling through the Next Generation Internet initiative
Sunday H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning Talks 16:00 16:15