Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Daniel Kiper

Photo of Daniel Kiper

Daniel Kiper works as a software developer for Oracle. He is one of GRUB maintainers. He is also a TrenchBoot technical leader inside Oracle. Earlier he worked on the Xen hypervisor BIOS and UEFI boot, kexec, kdump, makedumpfile, crash tool and memory hotplug development. His experience goes into such areas as *NIX, Linux and Windows servers administration, networking including email and DNS configuration, cryptography and many more. Outside of the work he is tirelessly tinkering with computers, time servers, radio, electronics and real size trains in the Polish Association of Railway Enthusiasts. From time to time he also looks high into the sky and tries to understand why aircrafts do not collide midair. At least not so often as it would be expected...


Title Day Room Track Start End
Improving the Security of Edge Computing Services
Update status of the support for AMD and Intel processors
Saturday K.4.601 Open Source Firmware, BMC and Bootloader 16:30 16:55
GRUB upstream and distros cooperation Sunday K.3.201 Distributions 14:30 14:55