Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Willian Molinari (PotHix)

Photo of Willian Molinari (PotHix)

Software developer, open source enthusiast, published author, gamedev hobbyist and main organizer of São Paulo Ruby users group.

More than 10 years working with software development using languages like Ruby, Python, Golang, Elixir and others. The main organizer of São Paulo Ruby Users Group, which is a local meetup that happens since 2008. Author of <pt-BR>Desconstruindo A Web</pt-BR> published by In the spare time, create small games like Skeleton Jigsaw.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Open source behind a web request
explaining a web request through open source software
Sunday K.4.401 Desktops 15:45 16:15