Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Vesna Manojlovic

Photo of Vesna Manojlovic

Vesna Manojlovic is a Community Builder at RIPE NCC: trainer, lecturer, hacker, organiser of events and connecting people in communities as varied as network operators, hackers, software developers, anarchists and artists.

During my 20 years in the Internet industry and hackers community, and during the last 5 years in the Internet infrastructure measurements, I have experienced the dilemmas that arise from intentions when building the technologies and the consequences of these technologies being put to use.

Specifically, RIPE Atlas as a measurements platform, built by the contributions of volunteers/individuals and organisations, and used by others who might not have contributed to the design principles and do not have the shared ethics, has been a focus of my Community Building work, from which I am extracting examples for this year's talk topic.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Ethics in Network Measurements
Moral obligations of engineers, scientists and hackers, based on example of RIPE Atlas
Saturday Janson Miscellaneous 16:00 16:50