Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


The Merelo Family

Charo is 17, wants to study to become a nurse when she starts college hopefully next year, and has been programming since she started with Scratch at 7. She has delivered talks about Scratch in !BarraLibreCamp, an unconference in Granada in 2014, and on Hama Beads in the Software Freedom Day in 2015. She also participated as a monitor in a free software camp for children this summer, and loves to work with children.

Elena is 18, studying a double major in Math and Computer Science, and has been programming with the family since she was 8, also with Scratch. She has been monitor in a tech camp for girls and also volunteered in children camp. She was a volunteer in YAPC 2015. She loves cheese.

Cecilia is 18, now a freshwoman in Computer Science, also participated as a monitor in the above mentioned tech camp, delivered a paper on gender balance in the tech camp above and also a paper on passing graphs in soccer when she was 14. She also helped as a volunteer in YAPC 2015. She's an incredible origami builder.

I am most proud of YAPC 2015, I have been using Perl since 1993, and just starting to open myself to the new experience of Perl 6"


Title Day Room Track Start End
Perl6 as a First Language Sunday K.4.201 Perl 10:05 10:45