Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Terence Lee

Photo of Terence Lee

The speaker description is potentially outdated as it is from a previous FOSDEM edition.

Terence leads Heroku's Ruby Task Force curating the Ruby experience on the platform. He also works some OSS projects such as Ruby (the language), Bundler, as well as helping with the Rails Girls movement. When he's not going to an awesome Heroku or Ruby event, he lives in Austin, TX, the taco capital of America.

Terence loves Friday hugs, EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! Give him a big one when you see him! In addition to hugs, he believes in getting people together for #rubykaraoke.

You can find Terence on Twitter as @hone02 and on GitHub as hone.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Leverging Rust to Build a Windows friendly ecosystem for mruby Saturday K.4.201 Ruby 12:45 13:35