Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Rémi Verschelde

Photo of Rémi Verschelde

Core developer of Godot Engine and Council member of the Mageia distribution.

One of the core developers and maintainers of the Godot Engine project, Rémi Verschelde / Akien is one of the contributors with the most extensive experience in the FLOSS world, in particular as packager and developer of the Mageia Linux distribution (also a long-time FOSDEM exhibitor), as well as various libre games such as OpenDungeons or Minilens.

Rémi caters mostly to the various non-technical needs of the growing FLOSS community revolving around Godot Engine, by reviewing and merging pull requests, triaging bugs, maintaining the Sphinx documentation, releasing new versions, providing support on IRC and forums, packaging Godot for Mageia Linux (official) and Fedora (COPR), etc.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Escoria, a libre point'n'click framework using Godot Engine
"Oh, it looks just like SCUMM!" -- Tim Schafer
Sunday AW1.126 Open Game Development 16:30 16:55