Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Martin Junghanns

Photo of Martin Junghanns

Martin is a PhD student at the Leipzig University. His area of research is distributed data management and processing with a focus on graph data, in particular techniques on graph data integration and declarative graph analytics. Besides that, he is interested in optimization techniques, like graph partitioning and replication. He received his Master’s degree in April 2014, during his studies he was working at the former graph database vendor sones, as a research assistent at the Leipzig University and completed an internship at SAP in Palo Alto. Martin believes in open-source and is actively contributing to various projects, e.g. Apache Flink.


Title Day Room Track Start End
(Cypher)-[:ON]->(ApacheFlink)<-[:USING]-(Gradoop) Saturday H.2214 Graph 13:50 14:20