Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Laurent Bercot (skarnet)

Photo of Laurent Bercot (skarnet)

C/Unix software architect, developer and sysadmin for the past 20 years. Worked as a Search SRE at Google; now freelancer - will code in C for food! Passionate about low-level Unix userspace: libc, init systems, service management, vital daemons. Author of the s6 process supervision suite, known among Docker users who care about their image size, and its companion service manager, s6-rc. Builds servers from scratch with zero bloat: no systemd, no glibc, etc.

Laurent is 41 and already balding, as you can see. His passport says he's French, but he doesn't drink wine and doesn't eat cheese so we're not sure.

Despite being a straight cis white male, he hopes for and would heartily welcome diversity in tech.

He strongly believes that quality of free and open source software comes from individual contributors more than from companies: the best software is usually written and maintained by very small teams.

He hopes to meet you at FOSDEM and have a good, technical software design discussion.



Title Day Room Track Start End
The s6 supervision suite
A modern alternative to systemd
Saturday H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning Talks 16:40 16:55