Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Kristof Van Tomme

Photo of Kristof Van Tomme

Kristof is a Drupal strategist and architect who ended up being sucked in into the open source world after finishing a degree in bioengineering. At Pronovix, the company he co-founded, he’s been working with Drupal since 4.7. A carefully nurtured obsession with reusable, single source documentation and how this technology could be used to create a contribution ecosystem for open source documentation, has culminated in an open source distribution he is building with his team for (developer) documentation portals.

He initiated and later became the co-organizer of an introductory Drupal course at the University of Szeged (Hungary). As a permanent member of the Drupal Association, he was at some point the lead for the selection task force for European Drupalcons and of the inaugural Nomination Committee. Among others, he was the initiator and (co-)lead of Drupalcon Szeged (2008), DrupalCXO Brussels, Amsterdam and Rome, Drupal Developer Days Brussels (2011), Drupal Government Days (2011) and the Write the docs unconference in Berlin (2014 July).


Title Day Room Track Start End
Using graph databases in popular open source CMSs
Neo4J and Drupal, potential application areas and module introduction
Saturday H.2214 Graph 11:10 11:40