Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Benjamin Kampmann

Photo of Benjamin Kampmann

Benjamin Kampmann is an OpenSource Software Developer and Educator living in Berlin, Germany. Currently, he develops in Rust and Javascript for MaidSafe and organises the community events for The SAFE Network.

Benjamin Kampmann is a freelance Open Source Software Developer and Educator living in Berlin. He designs, builds and supervises the building of software (systems). Sometimes for clients, often on his own, whenever possible as OpenSource. He cares about good design on both sides: the product and user experience as well as a robust technological architecture and infrastructure. Even more, he cares about people; he mentors and coaches, writes and facilitates the writing of learning materials and organises community events and organisations.

At MaidSafe he is working on the developer-facing side of things in Rust and Javascript and coordinates the community efforts and events for The SAFE Network.



Title Day Room Track Start End
It's time to SAFE the Internet
Introducing SAFE, the decentralised privacy-first storage and communication network
Sunday Janson Security and Encryption 12:00 12:50