Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Tor Lillqvist

I am a hacker with a long experience of open source on various platforms, from before the term was invented. I dislike all forms of bigotry, chauvinism and fanaticism and enjoy well designed and implemented proprietary software, too. I have coded for various variants of Unix, Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. I am an atheist but if some people want to believe in supernatural entities, feel free, but don't bother others about it. Politically I am leftish-greenish except that I am not opposed to nuclear power and I disapprove of "piracy". Is this enough to make everybody hate me? I live in Helsinki with my family and if you talk to me I will show you pictures of my dog.


Title Day Room Track Start End
LibreOffice plumbing on iOS and Android Saturday H.2214 Open document editors 11:20 11:35