Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Marc A. Pelletier

Since February 2013, I've been with the Engineering and Product Development team of the Wikimedia Foundation as an operations engineer.

I have been a Unix system administrator and occasional computer science instructor for some 20 years, in fields ranging from telecommunication to game development (with stints in robotics on the way).

Keeping one of the biggest set of websites in the world operating in top shape is hard but rewarding work, and I'm glad to be part of the dedicated team of geeks that obsesses over it.

Assisting the community developers to leverage the Wikimedia Labs infrastructure for their tools and work sustaining our projects remains a particular focus of mine. In practice, this means providing the tools and infrastructure to allow the developers to write, debug and deploy their tools in a reliable and scalable environment, and providing them with the technical support and knowledge to do so. Wikipedia is also the large technical infrastructure everyone can contribute to!


Title Day Room Track Start End
Force Multiplication
Victory through external tool writing
Saturday AW1.120 Wikis 16:30 16:55