Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Why You Should Be an Open Source Project

You are a collection of code. You’ve got your initial commit from your parents, the pull requests of childhood influences that they either rejected or accepted, and then you’ve got you, grown up project who can decide how you want to develop. (Pun fully intended.)

How do you continue to develop, i.e. mature as a human being? You expose your code and accept pull requests. IRL, that means sharing your background (bugs and all) and integrating lessons from other people because it turns out the same things that make a good open source project make a good open source person. While you could certainly be a closed source project that doesn’t make any changes unless you see a clear benefit to you, that results in a life where you miss opportunities to better yourself simply due to someone believing you can be better.

This talk will take the criteria that make a good open source project and explore how they can be applied to being a good "open source person."


Carol Huang