Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Coverage for basic language support components -- A Dashboard view

Language Coverage Matrix Dashboard, a product supported by the Language Engineering Team, aims to provide an overview of all the resources that are available for Wikipedia and its sister projects. The talk will cover the basic introduction to this product, followed by the detailed description of its architecture, roadmap, and future plans.

Language Engineering Team of the Wikimedia Foundation actively works on building the language support for Wikipedia and its sister projects. For all the 300 different languages that these wikis are available in, the team works on developing the support for various fonts and input methods to provide the users with all manner of language related technical support that are needed. Clearly, there was a need of gathering all the information around the language support and the resources for the languages currently supported in the Wikimedia sites, provided by the Language Engineering team. Language Coverage Matrix Dashboard is aimed to serve that purpose.

An instance of the Dashboard is now up on Wikimedia Labs. While the database has MySQL in background, it's a single page website with JavaScript filters to automate the search. This also has got an API console to generate raw data about the language components along with the query detail, that could be used to implement the data on any web-project.

In the talk, a basic introduction to LCMD will be given, along with a demo of the product. While the basic features will be shown in the demo, there will be a discussion about that in the talk. A detailed description of the architecture and the technologies used will talked about as well. I hope to interact with the audience during this session especially about the visualization of the data, which is the next area of focus for the product. I also look forward to receiving feedback from users and developers already familiar with the LCMD or similar dashboards.

Language Coverage Matrix Dashboard has been developed as a Google Summer of Code project by Harsh Kothari under the mentorship of Runa Bhattacharjee and Alolita Sharma. I have been associated with it since quite some time and have been working on the maintenance of the product. I would like to add Harsh Kothari as the co-speaker, who has been the primary developer for the project.


Harsh Kothari
Sucheta Ghoshal