Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


A comparison between MediaWiki, TWiki and XWiki communities

Using metrics to measure communities

Presentation about the communities around. The report will be based in gathering community metrics from the three projects. Code and Issues contributors will be covered and analyzed with total global metrics and the evolution in time of those metrics.

Using information in development repositories of MediaWiki, TWiki, and XWiki, this talk will explore how the communities are evolving. Different techniques will be used to show different aspects of the evolution, from analysis of commits or tickets to comparison of released source code.

A detailed analysis of how a software project is evolving, performing and behaving can be produced based on information in its development repositories. In this case, MediaWiki, TWiki and XWiki are analyzed, thanks to its open development model which allows for public access to those repositories.

The analysis includes several aspects of the project, and proposes some parameters that could be monitored to learn about how some of those aspects are evolving over time, so that corrective actions can be taken if needed. Some of the aspects that are analyzed are: the community of developers and contributors, the evolution of the source code, and the attention to tickets. Plots and graphs with various kinds of information obtained from this analysis will be presented, along with their interpretation and possible uses for the improvement of the project or the benefit of its users. The methodology and tools used for the analysis will also be explained, with the aim of letting others reproduce it.

As a result of the analysis, a dashboard with detailed information about the development of MediaWiki, TWiki and XWiki will be produced, made publicly available, and presented in the talk.


Alvaro del Castillo San Felix