Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


WebODF: office in the browser

WebODF is an office suite for both local and cloud use. It works anywhere there is a browser or a browser widget. With WebODF you can edit office documents, share them, or publish them. WebODF is compatible with LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and others, but can also be used stand-alone. It requires no special server software; it can be easily integrated with any web software.

Since WebODF started in 2010, it has grown in many directions. The new breakthrough feature is document editing. No other software makes it so easy to add office document editing functionality to your application. Not only did we add document editing, we added document editing for groups (collaborative editing). Good software is easy to use and packed with features. That is why we made viewer.js. It makes it easy to publish PDF and ODF documents on your website or display them in your content management system. In this talk, we will demonstrate all these exciting new features and explain how you can use them in your software.


Jos van den Oever