Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


New Developments and Advanced Features in the Libvirt Management API

Topics to be covered in the talk include

  • Capabilities for mutual exclusion / locking of guest disk images
  • Fine grained access control against individual operations, users and objects in the API
  • The sVirt mandatory access control framework
  • Auditing and structured logging via the systemd journal
  • Integration with systemd and cgroups for resource management

In the 8+ years since it has been founded, the libvirt project has grown to become the leading open source API for the management of virtualization hosts, with a strong focus on supporting the open source virtualization & container technologies, KVM, QEMU, Xen and LXC. Many people working in the open source virtualization management space already have an understanding of the core features and architecture of libvirt. This talk will thus focus on a selection of recently developed features and of some of the other important, but less well known, features of libvirt.

The talk will be targeted at virtualization application developers using libvirt, with a bias towards those using KVM or LXC. At the end of the talk the audience will better understand how to take advantage of libvirt for their development needs.


Daniel Berrange