Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


How to Build a Tizen Device at Home?

DIY: Build Linux kernel and Tizen platform image from scratch; create an open-source hardware device powered by SoC with Allwinner processors and boot Tizen on it.

Tizen is an open source Linux-based software platform for multiple device categories such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, in-vehicle infotainment devices and smart TVs. Tizen is registered trademark of the Linux Foundation and it is governed by a Technical Steering Group composed by Samsung, Intel and other industry-leading companies.

Sunxi represents the family of ARM System on Chip (SoC) devices with Allwinner A10, A10s, A13, A20 and A31 processors. A variety of devices on the market relies on Allwinner ARM processors. Among them are the popular open-source hardware development boards OLinuXino which are designed and manufactured by Olimex as well as Cubieboard by cubieTech.

The talk will discuss the status of Tizen-sunxi - a community-driven project for porting Tizen to Allwinner devices as well as building a Tizen device based on open-source hardware components. The following topic will be briefly covered: * Assembling Tizen device using open-source components * Building Linux-sunxi and u-boot boot loader from scratch * Building Tizen platform image from scratch using GBS (git-build-system) * Preparing bootable Tizen microSD card * Booting Tizen and debugging through UART0

YouTube video of a homemade Tizen tablet:


Leon Anavi