Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014



Configuration Management Meets Remote Execution

Saltstack is arguably one of the best of the "new breed" of configuration management solutions. In this talk, Corey takes the audience through a stand-up of a Salt environment and leads into some examples of how you can leverage the message bus to automate not just configuration management, but your entire infrastructure.

Corey will show you how his sausage is made...

Built with simplicity and speed as its overarching design goals, Salt has taken the configuration management world by storm over the past three years. Built atop a zeroMQ based message bus, realtime analysis of your existing environment, and rapid deployment and orchestration of your entire environment are now within reach. In this talk, we'll go through an initial setup of Saltstack in a lab environment, investigate signal passing from one node to another, and demonstrate how Salt can orchestrate entire environments both simply and effectively.


Corey Quinn