Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


QtCreator BareMetal development

See QtCreator, OpenOCD and qbs in action.

QtCreator gained the ability to talk with these really small ARM Boards with CortexM processor. This presentation will show how easy it is to get into development on these boards with a GCC toolchain, OpenOCD and QtCreator with BareMetal plugin.

The presentation will walk through all the needed parts needed for embedded development with an CortexM4 ARM processor. The talk focuses on OpenOCD in combination with the BareMetal and QbsProject Plugin of QtCreator. OpenOCD is an opensource hardware debugger which as multiple backends for different debugging hardware. QtCreator is a powerful IDE which has all the bells and whistles of an IDE. It is the main develoment IDE for the Qt toolkit and has a focus on C++ and C development. QtCreator is based on plugins. The two new plugins used in this presentation is the BareMetal plugin for talking with the OpenOCD (or other gdbserver based) hw-debugger and the QbsProjectmanager which is the new qbs build system based software builder based on JavaScript project descriptions. There will be a live demonstration of using an STM32F4 board.


Tim Sander