Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


MariaDB Connect Storage Engine

The MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine allows access to various file formats (CSV, XML, Excel, etc). It give access to any ODBC data sources (Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, etc). Also, it allows access to remote MySQL tables. A CONNECT table itself can be a set of remote MySQL tables. This opens the door to interesting distributed architectures that can help to address big data. We will show practical examples of how the MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine can help you get benefits from your existing data sources.

MariaDB storages engines are bringing a lot of value to users: CONNECT is still quite unknown.

  • The CONNECT storage engine allows to access various file formats. It also allows to access remote MySQL tables. A table itself can be a set of remote tables. This open the door to interesting distributed architectures.

We will present possible use cases. We will present interesting benchmark results of distributed queries.

When it comes to Big Data with MySQL the answer is not simple and the CONNECT storage engine introduce a new range of possibilities.


Serge Frezefond