Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


KDE Connect

Making devices know each other

KDE Connect tries to create a network of "KDE Connect"-aware devices that will enable interaction among them by means of compatible services. This talk will explain why we created yet another universal service provider, what is the current status and where we want to go.

The free software workspaces have been trying to integrate with other platforms for years, we can find examples of integration for: Windows (ActiveSync, Samba), OS X (bonjour, AFP), Palm (Pilot) and various standards like UPnP. Each of this bits of integration works in a different way, making it hard to make it all work in harmony and most of them are specific to a service.

KDE Connect takes a new approach: it tries to create a network of "KDE Connect" aware devices that will enable between them compatible services all designed to be simple, functional and easy to use for both, developer and user.

During this talk I plan to explain:

  • the reasons why we came to develop KDE Connect (why yet another universal service provider was needed for us)
  • its state, including a demo if wifi is working
  • imminent future and where we want to go


Àlex Fiestas