Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Inside MySQL 5.7 Replication Features

The new replication features in MySQL 5.7 help users to further reduce downtime, thus increasing data and service availability. Moreover, they consolidate MySQL as a perfect fit for distributed environments such as elastic clouds.

The most recent Development Milestone Release presents a lot of new and exciting enhancements. Worth noting the latest developments on semi-synchronous replication, multi-threaded slave, and replication instrumentation for accessing internal stats through performance schema tables. In addition, the work done to make replication more scalable, perform even better and be more user friendly also deserves some of the spotlight.

Therefore, don't miss this chance to meet with the engineers behind the product, to get to know the next generation of replication features and to influence future development. Lets talk about MySQL Replication!


Luis Soares