Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Quattor - Configuration and Fabric Management Done Right

Quattor is a systems administration toolkit allowing controlling the whole life cycle of large and very large computer fabrics. It aims to provide great flexibility (use as much or as little of it as you want), accuracy, and consistency (catching lots of configuration errors way before deployment) and scalability, with installations from tens to tens of thousands of systems.

In this talk we'll describe the main characteristics of Quattor, its simple language and show how a simple service can be deployed.

Quattor is a systems administration toolkit started in the LHC Computing Grid and used in several academic and commercial environments, ranging from tens to over 30,000 systems.

In this talk we'll cover the basics of the Quattor architecture, how different tools are integrated together to manage the entire life cycle of a system, and give a minimal example of a configuration with Quattor.

We'll explain briefly how the Pan language helps in re-use of configurations, consistency and correctness. We'll give a quick overview of some tools available in the Quattor toolkit to install hosts and show how a part of a host can be put easily under Quattor control.


Luis Fernando Muñoz Mejías